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Quiz Credentials Usage Terms


1. As a graduate of Mastering Thyroid Imbalance for Health Coaches who has passed the quiz and earned public credential, I agree to be the sole user of these materials. I understand that sharing of all or any part of these materials, images, copy, content or badge with any other person or entity violates Full Potential Living® (“FPL”) Terms of Use and may result in full revocation of said materials.

2. I understand that I do not have license to use, under any circumstances, the images or content in these materials outside of the materials provided. I understand that use of included images, copy or content in any other context, project, presentation or materials is a violation of licensure of said images and materials.

3. I understand that I may alter the powerpoint presentation with my own personal branding, name, business name and contact information. I may also add or remove content slides to/from the powerpoint presentation, and use it in my business as I wish. However, I also understand that any FPL branded or copyrighted images within the presentation must remain intact. Removal of FPL branding or copyright from said images or content is considered theft of legally protected intellectual property and/or copyright infringement.