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Mastering Thyroid Imbalance For Health Coaches Author Robin Arutt

As a member of Mastering Thyroid Imbalance for Health Coaches, you have special access to private and discounted services to help catapult your health and your business forward. These are available only to members of our community.

You’ve got skills! And I want to help you succeed.

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Professional Coaching & Support Whenever You Need it
(and not when you don’t)

Ever wish you could get expert help without signing up for an expensive program?

Wish you could ask someone who has “been there, done that” for guidance when you’re stuck or confused about the next step?

When you have me as your Mentor On Call, you have, essentially, “insurance in your back pocket”. Why? Because I love helping coaches grow their businesses.

Mentor On Call sessions mean having the confidence to know that:

– you CAN know exactly what to do next to grow your business
– you CAN take on that client without worry
– you CAN plan and book that talk you dream of giving
– you CAN position yourself as an expert online and in your community
– you CAN attract the clients you want

because I will support you every step of the way.

There are SO MANY ways to use your Mentor On Call Sessions to grow your business and health coaching success

  • Signature Talk Creation & Preparation
  • Program Development Support
  • Client Intake Practice
  • Price Planning & Strategy
  • Connecting With Doctors
  • Thyroid Answers
  • Client Support
  • Business Growth Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Workshop Design
  • Help With Understanding Labs
  • Personal Guidance for Tricky Clients
  • Course Creation Support
  • And of course, Personal Health Coaching

I’ve worked with coaches in attracting ideal clients, honing their niche, marketing, program design, signature talks, working with complex clients, partnering with doctors and more.

When you need the help of a business coach, but aren’t quite ready to hire one “full time”. Let me be your partner when you need one – your Mentor On Call.


Expert help in your back pocket, ready when you need it, so you can take on new thyroid clients and confidently grow your business without fear, confusion or getting stuck.


Regular Price, $225.
**Insiders-Only, Save $58!**
Your Price: $167


Of Coaching Sessions

Regular Price, $625.
**Insiders-Only, Save $158!**
Your Price: $467


Of Coaching Sessions

Regular Price, $1195.
**Insiders-Only, Save $298!**
Your Price: $897

(Please note, discounted pricing is available to course members ONLY.)


Insiders-Only Pricing on my Signature Thyroid Turnaround Session & Lab Review (use it for yourself or gift it to a loved one!)

Experience, first hand, this powerful session – benefiting your health AND your client services.

It’s Time to Get Your Life Back.
This is THE pivotal session I do with my own clients.

Want to see how I run my most thorough thyroid health consultations?

Need a thyroid health consultation for yourself or a loved one?

Now you can sign up for a comprehensive health coaching experience with me at an insiders-only discount, and learn how I do it while you get help for yourself!

This powerful session includes a full lab review, personal lab recommendations, healthy thyroid lifestyle assessment and customized next steps for your optimal healing. I will listen closely to your history, symptoms, experience thus far, and will work with you to craft a PERSONALIZED PLAN OF ACTION so that you can get back in the driver’s seat of your health so you can finally live well again. Experience this powerful session, gain insight into your own health path, and learn, first-hand, how to bring a valuable consultation appointment to your clients.


DISCOVER NEW INSIGHTS into your health history, making new connections between your personal health history, current symptoms, and what to do about them.


UNDERSTAND YOUR LAB RESULTS from a holistic, functional perspective so you know exactly what is happening, as well as what other labs your might need (and how to get them).


END THE CONFUSION AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT NEXT STEPS. We'll have plenty of Q&A time. I am here to make sure you understand everything clearly.


RECEIVE A PERSONAL ACTION PLAN of customized, doable next steps designed especially for you and your desired health results.

Regular price: $327.00

Insiders save $130.00



Have Questions? Email: [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Certification Program:

Become an FPL-Certified Thyroid Coach

This is where coaches go from “trained in thyroid coaching” to EXPERT THYROID COACH with BUSINESS CLARITY. Small Group, Interactive, real case studies, all via live video. We go deep into thyroid coaching AND business development. Catapult your skills AND your business in this powerful and intimate professional development experience.

**This course is only offered once per year. STAY TUNED for details!**

(DISCOUNTED RATES FOR ABOVE OFFERINGS are for a LIMITED TIME only, and available to MTIFHC participants and grads.   Mentor On Call sessions can be used anytime within 3 months from date of purchase.)